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The Steve Wilkos Show Why Did They Take Your Kids Away Again? (HD, New, TV-14) A woman's young sons are taken away because of abuse; a woman allegedly allowed her ex to abuse her oldest son by shoving his face in dog feces.
Maury 11 Times on Maury...I Need Another DNA Test! (HD, New, TV-14) A woman wants to prove to her on-and-off boyfriend that he is her son's father; a man and his sister deny any ties to his co-worker's child.
The Game Hill Street Blues (HD, TV-14) Derwin is jealous when Janay's ex-boyfriend comes into town for a book tour; Melanie seeks comfort over her failed relationship with Derwin.
The Game The Third Legacy (HD, TV-14) Malik meets his half-sister, and a tattoo makes him think they might have slept together; Tasha meets her ex's new wife, and sees a resemblance.
Murder, She Wrote Murder at the Oasis (TV-PG) Jessica is off to Palm Springs for a reunion with her college roommate. Her trip is marred by the death of her friend's husband.
Little House on the Prairie The Spring Dance (TV-PG) Caroline advises Grace Snyder to use jealousy to get the shy Mr. Edwards to escort her to the spring dance and Laura overhears and decides to try it as well.
Little House on the Prairie Remember Me, Part 1 (TV-PG) A dying widow tries to find adoptive parents for her three children before she dies as Mary and Laura try to find homes for three abandoned puppies.
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